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Legend of the Celestial Stones

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In Ninjas Unleashed, the fate of feudal Japan rests in your hands. Will you seek out the power of the celestial stones and rise as the ultimate Shogun? Train your students into apprentice ninjas to complete missions successfully and transform them into Elite ninjas with special unique abilities through the power of the celestial stones. If you dare to venture into the world of Ninjas Unleashed, you will need to use your house powers strategically, strengthen your house through enhance cards, all whilst playing tactic and sabotage cards on your rivals. Counter your rivals moves and outsmart them in calculated and cunning manoeuvres.

In Ninjas Unleashed, the fate of feudal Japan rests in your hands. Will you rise as the ultimate Shogun by assembling a formidable Ninja Squad, transforming your apprentices into Elite Ninjas with the power of the Celestial Stones, and outsmarting your opponents through cunning strategies and calculated moves?

  • Thrilling Turn-Based Strategy: Engage in intense tactical and strategic manoeuvres as a powerful Shogun, building your house and planning strategic moves against your rivals.

  • Multiple Paths to Victory: Achieve winning conditions by strategically building up your Ninja Squad, winning missions, and outsmarting your opponents in a race to become the ultimate Shogun.

  • Unleash Strategic Mastery: Utilize cunning strategies, counter cards, and treachery to outmanoeuvre rival Shoguns, seize opportunities, and dominate the battlefield.

  • Recruit students and tranform them into apprentices. Successfully complete missions to transform your Apprentice Ninjas into Elite Ninjas with unique powers and abilities.

  • Mission-based Gameplay: Undertake challenging missions that test your tactical prowess and decision-making skills, completing objectives to gain valuable rewards that aid in building up your house or sabotaging opponents gaining an advantage in the race for victory.

  • Interactive Gameplay: Experience engaging player interactions, where opponents relentlessly challenge your plans, forcing you to adapt and make clever choices to stay ahead.

  • Build a Powerful Ninja Squad: Strategically recruit students and train them into Apprentice Ninjas who can go on missions and if successful, transform into Elite ninjas.

  • Win Missions: Each mission won, give you an advantage in the game and scores you valuable celestial points. However, failing these missions could come with dire consequences

  • Winning the game: Meet the winning conditions of the game, which could mean getting 20 celestial points for a 4 player game or slightly less for a 5 or 6 player game.

  • Counter and Sabotage: Use counter cards to foil your opponents' strategies or sabotage their houses, weakening their forces and hindering their progress and reducing their celestial points.

  • Adapt to Random Abilities: Embrace the unpredictability of the Celestial Stones, as each Elite Ninja is empowered with a random ability, adding an exciting and ever-changing element to the game and gaining you celestial points.

  • Outmanoeuvre Your Opponents: Employ cunning tactics, strategic planning, and careful resource management to outmanoeuvre your rivals and establish your dominance as the most powerful Shogun.

207 Playing Cards

  • 30 Elite ninja cards

  • 24 Apprentice cards 

  • 16 Student cards

  • 24 Enhance cards

  • 8 House cards with special abilities

  • 36 Tactic cards

  • 16 Sabotage cards

  • 30 Counter cards

  • 1 Unstoppable Counter card

  • 16 Mission cards 

  • 6 Sensei cards

Other Components

  • 6 Rules Reference cards

  • 3 Dice

  • 18 Mission tokens

  • 6 Player Boards

  • 1 Game Board

  • 1 Player Turn Token

  • 18 Action Turn Tokens

Game Design:

Elton Cross

Art & Graphic Design:

John Gleer Rodriguez

Cross and Nogueira Families


Jayson Nadela

Produced By:


Find out and know where it all started.

Available Here!

Join Elton as he unleashes the game and shows you how to achieve victory through the power of the celestial stones.

  • 3 x Desolation ninja miniature

  • 3 x Winged Fury ninja miniature

  • 3 x Insanity Curse ninja miniature

  • 3 x Dragon's Fury ninja miniature

  • 3 x The Disrupter ninja miniature

  • 3 x The Shadow's Manipulation ninja miniature


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